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Living in Thailand / Visa Info & Tips

Some of the foreigners living or planning to move to Thailand are unsure because of recent changes in Thailand’s Visa rules. But that’s just only a result of missing information.

If we want to live in Paradise – we have to accept the rules. No country wants to pick up criminals or extremely poor people who probably later have to leave the country with unpaid bills. Thailand only wants to be sure that the foreigners staying in their country have enough money to spend for their lives so that they have no needs to make money on illegal ways, e.g. to start work without permission, without paying taxes etc.

But there is no problem for anybody to come to Thailand, to receive a 1-year-Visa and live legally in Thailand – forever.

There are no “Visa-Runs” needed (which are anyhow only a loophole, but not gladly seen by the authorities) – as long as you fulfill the requirements, which are mainly to prove

an annual income or savings deposit in an Thailand Bank account
totaling at least 800,000 Baht (EUR 17,500 / USD 23,000)

E. g. if you are …

… over 50 years old

You have a monthly pension of about 1,500 Euro or 1,900 USD?

- You will get your 1-Year-Visa without any problems.

You have a monthly pension of only 750 Euro or 950 USD?

Then you have to fix the difference amount in a Thai bank account: 750 Euro (950 USD) monthly are 9,000 Euro (11,400 USD) per year. The Difference from 9,000 Euro (11,400 USD) to 17,500 Euro (23,000 USD) = 8,500 Euro (11,600 USD) on a bank account in Thailand. – And you will get your 1-Year-Visa without any problems.

You have no monthly pension?

Then we advice you to invest money providing you with monthly income and an appreciation in the value counteracting the inflation. Investing e.g. 100.000 Euro (140.000 USD) provides you from about 1.000 Euro (1.400 USD) to 2.000 Euro (2.800 USD) monthly. See MAXX Retire Plan or MAXX Rental Plan.


For American Citizens it’s quite easier to get a retirement visa (please ask us for details).

… under 50 years old

You have a regular income of 1,500 Euro or 1,900 USD monthly or more (even if you live in Thailand!) + you could fix about 800.000 Baht (EUR 17,500 / USD 23,000) in Thailand?

- You will get your 1-Year-Visa without any problems.

You have no regular income but some 100,000 Euro (140,000 USD)?

Then you can live securely in Thailand with a 1-year-Visa and a workpermit – just make your money work for you, e. g. with our MAXX Under 50 Plan.

In general counts – you need some money to stay in Thailand!

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