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Fixed 9,5 %

9,5 % interest p. a. – How?
MAXX Investment concept is easy: There is someone, who wants to buy a condominium for 1,290,000 Baht. But he wants to finance it. So he makes a down payment of 390,000 Baht (30 %) and signs a loan of 900,000 which he pays back with installments of 9,400 monthly, consisting of 7,125 Baht (9,5 % interest p.a.) and 2.275 Baht amortization. The 7,125 Baht are paid monthly to the investor(s), which brings the return of 85,500 Baht out of 900,000 Baht respectively 9,5 % per annum (+ compound interest!). As MAXX puts all financed units in a fund, it doesn’t matter how much you invest. Whether you invest 300,000 Baht or 3,000,000 Baht: your interest is paid by the buyers – 9,5 % per annum – fix and secure.

Secure investment?
Yes, it’s 100 % secure. It’s backed up by the buyers’ property until he paid back all debts. If he fails to make the contractual payments, all his rights on the property will be waived and his unit will be sold to someone else. Monthly pay offs - guaranteed? Yes, it’s guaranteed. MAXX is your trustee and guarantor. We keep the titles of deed of the financed units until the buyer paid back the loan. We take care for the accounting and handle the monthly transactions. And - you never need to worry about delays. Your interest payments will be made by MAXX cash or to your bank account on exactly the contracted day. Every month. Guaranteed.

How long is my money fixed and is there a minimum amount?
Yes, there is a minimum investment amount of 250,000 Baht and the minimum runtime is 12 months. But you even can withdraw your invested amount or a part of it anytime with a prior notice of 6 weeks.*

Do I have to wait to invest with MAXX?
No, you don’t need to wait. MAXX has actually set up 8 units for financing with an investment volume of 16,0 Million Baht. Upon this fund is filled up – you will be able to invest.

When do I get my first interest payments?
If you fix e. g. 550,000 Baht today you will get monthly payments of 4,354.17 Baht, beginning today in one month. E. g. if you invest on the 20.05. you’ll get your first payment on the 20.06. etc.

Why is MAXX doing that offer?
Of course we want to sell our units and develop new places. And every party has an advantage: The buyer that he gets his dream property financed – and the investor that he gets a fixed high interest for a secure investment.

Don’t hesitate
be a part of MAXX!
Info Tel. 0066 (0)8 4009 7009

Limited offer. Only till
fund is closed.
Financing & Investments available for MAXX owned properties only
* cancellation fee 2,5 % of the withdrawn amount will be charged.

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